Hey there, Thrill seekers! The Documentary about Me is Finally being Released to the General Public! 
On Sunday, October 9, 2016, which would be the "7th" Anniversary of our 1st day of Filming in 2009,
"MY NAME IS JONAH" will be available to Stream & Download for "FREE"!!!!!!!!!
Go to  mynameisjonahfilm.com at that Time!  
More Details to Follow & I still expect the Movie to pop up at Midnight Screenings & Art House Theaters
in the Near Future.

Thanks for All of Your Support, those of You who know who You are! Now…


On 10.9.16 you can finally see the movie deemed "TOO TRIPPY" for mainstream audiences!

My Name Is Jonah will be made FREE to STREAM and DOWNLOAD for all... Dare You Peer Into the Unknown?

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My Name Is Jonah The Movie

My Name Is Jonah from JB Sapienza on Vimeo.

Click Here To Watch The Jonah Documentary !!!

Click Here for videos of Jonah "LIVE" at Jeremiah's Tavern, Chili, NY.


'Strange But True' Documentary Film Fest comes to Muse by Anna Chandler January 13, 2016
My Name Is Jonah is one of the most thought-provoking and unique documentaries 
I have seen in my entire life, and I'm thrilled to say that while it has won major awards 
at most every festival it has shown at so far, this will be its Southeastern Premiere.

Every one of us probably knows someone in our lives who might be described as delusional 
or divorced from reality. But what if it’s the rest of us who are in denial about the reality of their situation?

That doc profiles a middle-aged blues harmonica player from the Rochester, NY area named Jonah Washnis, 
who is one of the most absurdly self-confident and macho guys you’d ever come across. He’s a military veteran 
who’s into swords, guns, martial arts, hot babes and more swords. Back in the early days of MySpace, 
Jonah created a persona for himself that was equal parts action movie star, fantasy novel-style warrior and 
vigilante superhero, and he wound up gaining thousands of Myspace friends all over the world­many of whom 
probably assumed his online persona was tongue-in-cheek. However, in reality, Jonah was deadly serious, 
and actually lived his life as though those tall tales were 100% true­despite the fact that many of his friends 
and family members knew better.

The movie takes a respectful and non-exploitive look at the stark dichotomy between Jonah’s fantasy world 
and his day-to-day reality, and the ways in which those close to him deal with that disconnect. However, 
it also poses a very serious question: if someone resolutely says they are something, and diligently acts 
as though they are that something, at what point do they simply become that something ­ regardless of 
how anyone else perceives them?

'Strange But True' Documentary Film Fest comes to Muse
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Greetings, Earthlings!!!

Oh, what a tangled website I weave. My name is Jonah, and I am somewhat of a virtuoso on the harmonica, or Blues-Harp, if you will. Hence, the name of this hyper-text. I kind of ripped off the title from the old Have Gun Will Travel television show, featuring Richard Boone as Paladin. (Boy, am I ever dating myself, now!!!) Anyway, I hope that you enjoy my compact-disc. It's a combination of electric and acoustic harp-tracks mixed in with some vocal and lyric-writing chores that I took upon myself to task. Three of my old bandmates graciously donated their skills to help bring this dream to fruition. I decided, that, since I had been playing cover-tunes for about 30 years; everything from J Geils Band's version of Whammer-Jammer to some of John Popper's Blues Traveler riffs, that I would introduce the world to a few of my original songs. Being the creative Leo that I am, the attached photo-gallery is jam-packed with a good 20 years or so of these zany action/adventure greeting-cards that I used to make for my friends, where I would do my own take on popular characters from books and movies. Blend that with some live gig action shots, and we've concocted a rather interesting Rock N' Roll stew! From the angry beat of No Deposit, No Return to the seductively hypnotic Space Jam/Waiting For Anna, it is my intention to span the globe of aural (oral?) delight, and, to quite simply, allow the music to stand on its' own. So, give it a listen, my Internet Companions, and immerse yourself in my homespun version of harmonic distortion!

Thanks for clickin',



Song List and Soundclips

1. Have Harp Will Travel MP3
2 .No Deposit, No Return MP3
3.Tonru's Blues
5. Shrill Killer
6 .Wolverine MP3
7. Space Jam/ Waiting for Anna



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